A Policy Advisory recommends ideas that promote clean energy habits within a city’s businesses and workplaces. More and more, cities are looking for ways to cut down on energy costs to stay “green.”

TASK – The “Persuaders” 

A business wants to expand its store into another state. Research the cost for some of their appliances. Then take on the role of a Policy Advisory by suggesting where the business should grow.

  1. Divide the group into two teams: West Coast and East Coast. Take only one worksheet per team to share, and take notes.
  2. Pick two states. Research energy appliances in that region using the website Appliance Energy Calculator. Use the drop-down menus to change the hours to 24/day, and days to 365/year. (Appliances that never turn off!)
  3. Only adjust the menus for state & appliance as you research. 
  4. When done, teams circle the state that uses the least electricity in one year.

Convince them… Where should the business have its next store? 

  • Were you surprised by how much energy a certain item used?
  • Were you surprised by the cost in some states?


Keep your paper, or recycle it to the bottom of the basket. Click the browser window so directions for “Enterprising” are showing first.


What did you enjoy or not enjoy about being persuasive?