52 Ways to ♥ H2O 


Water is used in more ways besides drinking, cleaning and farming. It is directly connected to making electricity, power and cooling systems. Hydroelectric power plants account for 15% of California electricity production. Other power plants that still use fossil fuels to create energy need massive amounts of water to cool them down. With so many essential needs for water, it’s important that individuals do their part to conserve what they can.

TASK – The “Persuaders”

Chula Vista needs to update their webpage with tips that can help home owners conserve water. Persuade others to take action with water & energy!

  1. Click on 52 Ways to Love Water. Choose 1-2 ideas you find interesting. Take notes on the whiteboard table.
  2. Then go to this Padlet link. Click on the orange plus (+) sign. Summarize the tips with your own persuasive words. You can edit and add images to make them stand out!


What did you enjoy or not enjoy about helping others?