BIOMASS: Trash to Treasure

Biomass is any plant material that can be burned to create fuel (ie. firewood, charcoal). It’s the oldest form of creating energy – naturally!¬† It can also be converted to electrical power, or even biofuels for cars. However, millions of pounds of plant waste and trash often go overlooked as possible sources of energy. Is there a way to turn trash into treasure?

TASK – The “Persuaders”

Learn how biomass can promote clean energy by helping with a city’s pollution and food waste.

  1. First watch the video and take notes on the whiteboard table.

2. Then click on this Padlet link to type a persuasive response.

  1. Convince Chula Vista HOW biomass could work for them.
  2. Click the black plus (+) sign at the bottom corner to start.
  3. Click SUBMIT when done.


What did you enjoy or not enjoy about helping others?